Knit-Wit Kit: How-To Video

Being a Knit-Wit!

My mother has knitted and crocheted for as long as I can remember. While travelling in the car, while waiting for appointments, while watching tv. It was always something I could never grasp. I think I just never had the patience to sit and concentrate long enough.

I remember years ago she used to have a weekly group of ladies over and she taught them how to knit and crochet various projects. Some were great at it, some were like me and needed a LOT of help. Some of them, having worked on the same project for multiple years, were really only there for some social interaction. She used to call their group her bunch of Knit-Wits!

When our Granny Panty leggings arrived I thought it sure would be fun to start a little club of Knit-Wits. No pressure – just trying something new and a connection point with others. But then I tried to read a pattern. O.M.Goodness! I didn’t know about weight, and gauge, and needle size, and what on earth were all these abbreviations they were using??? So having to rethink my approach I got the best advice I could get – I went to my Mom. And so began my first real attempt at crocheting!

Our Knit-Wit Ribbed Hat pattern is derived from one of Melanie’s hat patterns she makes. Melanie, our Director, Field Operations at She’s Got Leggz, has been making hats for the Legion for years. Hundreds of them! But she doesn’t use a pattern. She too doesn’t understand the secret language of the knitter world.

So with my new found knowledge of crocheting from my Mom, and Melanie’s fine motor skills we came up with our own “recipe” that uses real words for the instructions.

We hope you have fun with our Knit-Wit Kit and that it be a reminder to challenge yourself, to stay connected with friends, and to always remember you are never to old to learn something new! Go be a Knit-Wit!

Here is our Knit-Wit Ribbed Hat pattern and links to some helper video! We can’t wait to see what you create.